Meet Chloe and Änna

Say hello to Chloe and Änna, two of Spaah’s newest massage therapists! We asked them about their backgrounds and philosophies: learn more about them!


Your body has the ability to heal itself – my goal is to help you along your healing journey in whatever way you need. I’m here to help you reach your goals- injury rehabilitation, pure relaxation, improved flexibility, pain reduction, etc. Utilizing a collection of techniques, your massage will always be personalized to your specific needs. In a session with me, expect intentional touch, gentle stretching and breath work. One of my favorite massage modalities to practice is cupping therapy. It’s a very versatile practice that relaxes the nervous system while providing gentle deep tissue work. Outside of my massage practice, my time is spent enjoying live music, camping and loving on my fur babies. I’m very excited to be joining the Spaah team!


A month after graduating from high school, I began massage school at the Louisville School of Massage in Kentucky. I graduated there in 1998. I’m not entirely sure what prompted me to look into being a massage therapist. I had never received a professional massage nor did I know much about it. I just woke up one day at the end of my senior year and said, “I’m going to massage school.” I pulled out the phone book (we still used those back then) and found a school and made the call. It changed my life for the better.

Since moving to Indiana 14 years ago, I have primarily worked in office management and have felt a calling to get back into therapeutic bodywork. I’m excited to be back and am looking forward to continuing to learn new modalities and scrape the rust off the ones I learned along the way. I’m also a mother, gardener, and I enjoy arts and crafts.