Help us name the New Spaah Family Kitty!

Last Sunday, I got a series of panicky text messages from our staff. There was a very friendly cat trying to get into the Spaah through the back door. He’d been hanging around the parking lot all day, and they were afraid he was going to get into traffic and get hurt. I grabbed one of our cat carriers, and Fred and I went up to Spaah and easily caught the little guy. We kept him at home that evening (the shelter was closed by the time we got him), but on my way to work Monday morning, I dropped him off at the shelter. They checked – he wasn’t micro chipped, and they had to hold him for a week in case someone claimed him. Our team put up notices on the Bloomington Lost and Found Pets page, but nobody claimed him.

The good news is, Fred and I adopted him! We had to get him neutered, but then we were able to bring him home again to join the rest of our menagerie of two dogs (Honey and Cash) and five cats (Meatloaf, Maximum Boo, Louie, Jabba Du Catt, and Pud E. Tat). He’s young (around a year old), purrs like a motorboat, but needs a name! We’ve narrowed down to a few ideas. Help us choose one below! Have a write-in vote? Comment on our Facebook post!

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