Body Treatments

booknowOur Signature Treatments are a relaxing and luxurious day spa experience for your whole body.

Cool Lift Face Rejuvenation

A combination of warm and cold stones tightens the skin and firms up the muscles of the face, head and neck, giving you a younger and healthier appearance.
75 mins85-

body-treatmentsGreen Clay Body Masque

You’ll relish this rich green clay masque that nourishes and purifies your skin. Once it dries, it’s gently removed with hot, moist towels. Your experience culminates with a refreshing shower.
1 hr 45 mins105-

Herbal Sloughing

The restorative power of warm grape seed oil combined with aromatic herbs are massaged into your skin, followed by cleansing with hot, moist towels and a blissful massage.
90 mins105-

Salt Glow

The experience begins with an exfoliating sea salt masque applied to your skin with a soft bristled brush. After a cool shower then a moisturizing hot oil massage, you’ll be glowing!
90 mins105-

Sea Clay Body Wrap

Bask in an herbal spritz then luscious warm sea clay. Relax in the sauna for an hour then enjoy a shower to leave toxins behind and feel revitalized.
1 hr 45 mins105-

Aromatherapy Massage

Select your favorite essential oils and your therapist will incorporate them into your massage.
Variesadd 5-

Hot Stone Massage

We incorporate the use of smooth, heated stones into your massage session.
Variesadd 17- 

Take a Break

30 or 60 minute tub soak OR sauna session that can be added on to any massage, facial, or body treatment.
Add onadd 15-
Stand-alone for one30 mins17-
Stand-alone for two30 mins30-
3rd+ person in sauna30 minsadd 5-
Stand-alone for one60 mins30-
Stand-alone for two60 mins50-
3rd+ person in sauna60 minsadd 10-


Massage therapy and Esthetic services provided by independent contractors.

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