Body Treatments

Our Signature Treatments are a relaxing and luxurious day spa experience for your whole body.

Choose Your Spaah Experience

Herbal Sloughing
$120 / 90 Minutes

Warmed coconut oil combined with aromatic herbs are massaged into your skin, followed by a cleansing hot shower and a blissful massage. Clients say it’s like getting a full-body facial.

Salt Glow
$120 / 90 Minutes

The experience begins with an exfoliating sea salt masque applied to your skin with a soft-bristled brush. After a moisturizing hot oil massage and a cool shower, you’ll be glowing!

Sugar Plum Scrub
$120 / 90 Minutes

We lightly exfoliate your skin with a sugar/coconut oil blend, then massage you using a sugar plum cream. Finish with a shower to remove excess scrub. Dreamy!

Spaah - Body Services - Sauna

Take A Break

30 or 60-minute sauna session that can be added on to any massage, facial, or body treatment.

Add onadd $15
Stand-alone for one30 mins$17
Stand-alone for two30 mins$30
3rd+ person in sauna30 minsadd $5
Stand-alone for one60 mins$30
Stand-alone for two60 mins$50
3rd+ person in sauna60 minsadd $10