My Spaah Program

Formerly called the “My Therapist Program” and just for massage therapy, with My Spaah, you can now pre-pay for multiple spa sessions of any kind and save money!Ā If you know you’ll keep coming back, you can save up to 20% per session with this program.

ā€¢ Save 5% when you pre-purchase 3 sessions of a kind
ā€¢ Save 10% when you pre-purchase 5 sessionsĀ of a kind
ā€¢ Save 15% when you pre-purchase 7 sessionsĀ of a kind
ā€¢ Save 20% when you pre-purchase 10 sessionsĀ of a kind

For example, love massages? Pre-pay for 5 of them and save 10%. Addicted to the sauna? Pre-pay for your next 7 visits and save 15%.

To take advantage of the My Spaah program, call us atĀ (812) 339-8881. You can also opt in while you’re checking out – you can use My Spaah to pay for the service you just received!


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